1. Can learning the piano be fun?

Can piano lessons be fun?
Can piano practice be fun?
Is it possible for a music education to be fun?
Is having fun while learning to play the piano important or necessary?

It is often claimed by some teachers that their students have fun while learning the piano and this is promoted as a big plus. But is it really possible or even desirable to have fun while learning to play the piano?

I believe wholeheartedly that lessons and practicing should be enjoyable and satisfying, but I don’t think “fun” is the right word to use. Having fun implies being playful, being amusing, not delving too deeply but skimming the surface, and not being too serious.

Playing the piano is one of the most difficult and complex activities that humans can learn to do. The way we learn is by practising. There is no other way. It helps to use good practising methods, of course, but basically, practising means repeating a difficult action over and over and over until it becomes easy. This may take hours or days or weeks. It is through many repetitions of many musical passages that we slowly acquire the skills of a musician.
Effective practise requires all of a student’s concentration. It requires them to be focused and accurate in the details. There is very little instant gratification. If the student is serious about learning then it will become necessary to knuckle down and be serious and disciplined about practising.

I struggle to see where or how we can make any of this fun.

This does not mean that practising should not be enjoyable. On the contrary, I think practising should be very satisfying and enjoyable and actually far more deeply rewarding than merely having fun.