Playing with Chords for Piano Students


•    Playing from a lead sheet involves creating an arrangement.
•    Playing with Chords will teach piano students how to create a pleasing and accomplished arrangement using chords.
•    Students will learn many different styles.
•    They will study a wide variety of arranging tips and techniques.
•    Playing with Chords has a strong emphasis on theory and students will acquire a good overall understanding of arranging principles.
•    It encourages and facilitates improvising, especially playing around with chords.
•    Classical musician friendly. The course is written from a classical viewpoint.

•    Playing with Chords consists of books one to five plus a Teachers' Guide.                
•    Ideally it would be used as a supplement to traditional lessons.

•    It is appropriate as a stand-alone course for some students, especially those who struggle with traditional lessons.

•   It is an excellent choice for those who just want to learn to play using a chord based system.

•   The first books are accessable by young children who first need to have reached about grade one.
•   Switching to a chord based method can sometimes save a student who is considering quitting.

• A4, 12ins X 8ins approx. 32 pages, soft cover.
Click on a book to view some pages from that book.

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