Playing with Chords for Piano Students

6 pack - all 6 books - Digital version with Studio License

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Playing with Chords for Piano Students


Playing with Chords, books 1 and 2 provide a solid introduction to the fascinating world of chords, while books 4 and 5 have content appropriate for more advanced students. The Teacher's Guide will be especially helpful for teachers less familiar with a chord based method.
•    Playing from a lead sheet involves creating an arrangement.
•    Playing with Chords will teach piano students how to create a pleasing and accomplished arrangement using chords.
•    Students will learn many different styles.
•    They will study a wide variety of arranging tips and techniques.
•    Playing with Chords has a strong emphasis on theory and students will acquire a good overall understanding of arranging principles.
•    It encourages and facilitates improvising, especially playing around with chords.
•    Classical musician friendly. The course is written from a classical viewpoint.

•    Playing with Chords consists of books one to five plus a Teachers' Guide.                
•    Ideally it would be used as a supplement to traditional lessons.
•    It is appropriate as a stand-alone course for some students, especially those who struggle with traditional lessons.
•    It is an excellent choice for those who just want to learn to play using a chord based system.
•   The first books are accessable by young children who first need to have reached about grade one.
•   Switching to a chord based method can sometimes save a student who is considering quitting.


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Studio License Terms and Conditions

You can use Playing with Chords in any way you wish with all your current and future students.
You can print complete books or individual pages to give to students.
You cannot  share the material with any other teachers, or students of other teachers, even teachers who are in the same studio.  They must purchase their own license. You can share files with your students electronically but they cannot share this material with anyone else.
You cannot use the material in this course for any other purpose.
You are expected at all times to protect the copyright owners interests by not allowing illegal copies to be made, and not allowing the copyright files to escape to the wider internet.

What people are saying

Teach Your Fingers is fantastic! It has many great ideas. Whenever my students complain that they are not playing as well as they think they should, I tell them their fingers are stupid; they don’t have brains but can be trained. Students immediately laugh and relax. They can move forward, enjoying the music more, and feeling less shame.
Karen Monroe Washington

Love your books. My favourite page is "Fingers Are Stupid" in the little Teach Your Fingers book. I quote this one and show the picture most weeks to someone I am teaching. Great work, making the idea of controlling fingers with the brain so clear to be seen.
Dianne Morgan Warkworth

For a few years now Teach Your Fingers has been my go to authority for “How to practice” ideas.
Warwick Brown, New York.

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