Teach Your Fingers

Teach Your Fingers

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Teach Your Fingers


• Teach Your Fingers is a slightly quirky approach to piano practice that makes
the basic principles readily understood and appreciated by young children.
• The book does not promise an easy or quick method. It promotes regular and
diligent practice, which in the end will prove to be the fastest way to learn.
• The book provides very specific practicing instructions and explains clearly why
these methods are important.
• When children know how to practice and can see the results in their playing
they are encouraged to persevere.
• The pleasure of being able to play their assigned piece well is a deep and
satisfying reward.

Teach Your Fingers
A5, 210mm x 148mm
8ins x 6ins approx.
36 pages
Saddle stapled

What people are saying

Teach Your Fingers is fantastic! It has many great ideas. Whenever my students complain that they are not playing as well as they think they should, I tell them their fingers are stupid; they don’t have brains but can be trained. Students immediately laugh and relax. They can move forward, enjoying the music more, and feeling less shame.

Karen Monroe Washington

Love your books. My favourite page is "Fingers Are Stupid" in the little Teach Your Fingers book. I quote this one and show the picture most weeks to someone I am teaching. Great work, making the idea of controlling fingers with the brain so clear to be seen.

Dianne Morgan Warkworth

For a few years now Teach Your Fingers has been my go to authority for “How to practice” ideas.

Warwick Brown, New York.

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